Marine-Turned-Teacher Kicks Off State Senate Campaign This Saturday

Wright Promises A Focus On Education, Healthcare and Economic Growth

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Luke Wright is no stranger to struggle.

As a youth in Baltimore in the late 1960s, Wright saw the challenges and perils of inner city life but still remembers an upbringing where “everyone looked out for each other.” When his time at Towson State was cut short due to his inability to afford tuition, Wright made the jump to the the Marine Corps.

Wright spent more than two decades on active duty service, reaching the rank of Major and graduating from Norfolk State University before retiring to become a teacher in Baltimore, making good on a promise he made to his dad before losing him to cancer. Wright introduced the focus and hands-on approach he learned in the Marines to the classroom, taking his students to local council meetings to give them a first hand look at how decisions are made.

After three years Wright transferred to the Columbia Heights Educational Campus in Washington DC, where he currently teaches while also serving as a Navy JROTC instructor, helping students raise more than $800,000 in scholarships in addition to mentoring the school’s first student to attend the United States Naval Academy.

To Wright, his campaign slogan of “people over politics” is more than a mantra; it’s a mission statement. He runs a grassroots campaign. His platforms are peppered with photos the candidate takes himself. He spends almost as much time at campaign appearances pushing the audience to support local children attending STEM camps as his candidacy. 

“Before you can get behind Luke Wright, I need you to get behind you.”

The issues he’s focused on include education, healthcare and economic growth, focusing on “growth in Virginia where the revenue stays in or returns to Virginia.” Wright promises to bring his “knowledge, experience, and wisdom as leader” to Virginia voters.

Wright is holding a campaign kickoff event at the Cyber Bytes Foundation on Saturday, February 4th at 1:00 PM. Learn more at wwww.wrightforva.org.

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