Standoff Between Gourmeltz, Virginia ABC Ends

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The standoff between Gourmeltz and Virginia ABC appeared to come to an end on Wednesday afternoon.

Business owner and Virginia State Senate candidate Matt Strickland posted an announcement on his Facebook page, stating “we’re getting our product and license back, and we aren’t paying a dime.”

This was later confirmed by Virginia ABC in a press release, indicating both parties had entered into a Consent Agreement. It further detailed the reinstatement of the restaurant’s liquor license on next Friday, December 23rd and the return of all seized beverages and property to Gourmeltz.

According to the agreement, neither Virginia ABC or Gourmeltz admitted or denied liability or wrongdoing.

The press release also stated that approximately $4,000 of inventory had not been returned due to spoilage. It was unclear from their statement whether Virginia ABC would reimburse Strickland for these costs.

Read the entire statement from Virginia ABC at bit.ly/3VXP0Ux.

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