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company background

oils, vinegars and spices…oh my! taste ovs is a gourmet kitchen ingredient and accessory shop with two locations in the historic districts of downtown culpeper and downtown fredericksburg. customers can sample their wide variety of olive oils and vinegars in-store while they browse. the company also had an online store, but it was limited in selection and functionality, and only produced three or four orders from repeat customers each month.


in 2016, the taste ovs was acquired by new ownership. they had plans for introducing new products, offering new promotions, and they wanted a cleaner, crisper identity for their company.


rebrand a pair of small retail shops to better compete with the emerging competition at the local, regional and national levels.


reinvigorate the online shop and tap into the different niche markets of gourmet olive oils, vinegars, spices and sauces.

creative output

new owners, new everything. hyperbole was brought in to give this brand a refresh. we touched everything from logo to language. 


this brand needed a refresh like no other. we injected some life into things by replacing a flat, text-based logo with a fresher design with more vibrant colors. we also elevated the language and tone of voice to match the luxury price-point of the products.

website design

there’s no reason for an e-commerce platform with two brick-and-mortar locations to only produce a half-dozen sales per month. a mobile-first redesign and bold product imagery helped increase sales 200 – 300%, with many orders from new buyers.

content creation

we started cooking up content in the kitchen, staging multiple seasonal product photography shoots with different areas of focus. we also leveraged local events as great opportunities for on-site with backdrops that are unmatched.

social media

hello, instagram! we made great strides in finding new customers with the open discovery available on the platform. we worked with local restaurants that used taste ovs products to leverage further impressions with their followers.

graphic design

new brochures, new business cards, new pairing booklets, new street signage. hyperbole also assisted with other print advertisement commitments before they were phased out in favor of a completely digital approach.


an aggressive price-point for print products allows taste ovs to push product pairings, reward programs and other sales promotions with professional print collateral at a limited cost-per-impression.

an introduction to
gourmet goodness

website design

the taste oil vinegar spice project was hyperbole’s first custom online store. it’s also one of the projects we’re most proud of. we wanted to provide an easily-navigable site and a fluid sales process from arrival to check-out. of particular attention was the experience on mobile devices. 

content creation

when it came to content, we had tons of inspiration to pull ideas from, including taste ovs products and recipes. one challenge was continuously finding new and innovative ways to showcase the various olive oils, vinegars and spices. ingredients and kitchens provide visually captivating backdrops, while also allowing followers to envision the products in their own kitchens. partnering with area restaurants that use the products in their dishes also served as excellent opportunities for additional content creation.

our results

taste ovs has enjoyed a number of benefits from their digital marketing campaign, including sales increases at both physical locations as well as significant growth in ecommerce orders.  our idea to introduce monthly pairings drove an increase in foot traffic and sales to both locations, as well as online. a full year of digital marketing also led to a particular strong showings on both small business saturday and the christmas rush.

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