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soup and taco are two family-owned and operated restaurants in downtown fredericksburg, virginia. they offer a wide variety of mexican and latin american cuisine, including several generations of family recipes. only a mile or so separates the two locations, and both greet diners with a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s humble but cozy. the menu features dishes from el salvador, cuba, venezuela, peru, and many other latin american countries, and each restaurant features a specials menu of appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts that rotates weekly.


it had been a while since soup and taco refreshed their website or invested much time and energy into a consistent social media presence. their food was always plated perfectly and included a ton of different ingredients, colors and textures. all they needed was a little help in bringing that all out for the world to see.


position two restaurants under the same brand umbrella to succeed without over-saturating a tiny but competitive market.


Double the content, double the fun! We hit overdrive to position each restaurant to stand apart while capitalizing on it’s shared market.

creative output

we were lucky to begin with a recognizable local brand that enjoyed a strong reputation and dedicated customer base. there was still lots of room for improvement and growth, especially online. the restaurants existing website wasn’t responsive, didn’t have the full menus for both locations, and rarely included the weekly specials menu for each restaurant. when we began working, both soup and taco locations were sporadically active on facebook, but neither had created an instagram account.


we began by taking photos of each restaurant’s sign and converting them into vector format, doing our best to match the colors with a unique palette for each restaurant that complimented one another.

website design

let’s get mobile. a website redesign provided an online presence that was both search and user-friendly, allowing visitors to explore both restaurant locations with the regular and specials menus easily accessible.

content creation

you can’t sell soup and tacos with stock photography. we’d be fools not to get high-quality content of the perfectly-plated dishes that diners can’t find, let alone enjoy, anywhere else in town.

social media

social media loves tacos. we deviated from other projects and deployed two instagram accounts (one for each restaurant) on account of the minor details in differences between the locations’ menus. 

graphic design

the first order of business were to-go menus, which received a splash of color to match the new website. 

search engine optimization

when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), content is king. get discovered by customers looking for a business like yours.


website design

we took a smartphone-first approach and designed around a simple, easy-to-navigate layout. we needed to be mindful of the constantly revolving specials menus that were different for each restaurant location, while also making the regular menus that remained constant easy to find. 

content creation

there’s no way to photograph this food poorly. chefs at both restaurants did a fantastic job of plating their food, which is always clean and consistent. we were “food-focused”, as we had a ton of menu items to choose from and a staff that was more focused on service than social media. due to smaller kitchen conditions, video was a little more limited than other projects we’ve executed in the past.



two restaurants and two slightly different menus made attention-to-detail important. minor mistakes on which menu had cilantro rice could lead to major headaches for the restaurants. 

take a look at our content:

new menus coming soon



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