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abby construction company was named for two reasons: their early work in church restoration and because it would appear at the front of the phone book. in addition to being a savvy, straight-forward company, they were one of hyperbole’s first clients. they’ve never invested much into marketing, opting instead to let the quality of their work spread by word of mouth. it was important that their first foray into digital marketing be efficient, effective and well-executed…just like one of their renovations.



help a locally-owned and operated construction company establish a conspicuous online position on the web, on search, and on social media.


keep it simple. keep it straight-forward.

let abby construction company’s subject matter expertise and quality of work shine through the original, authentic content we create.

creative output

the abby construction project got off to a rough start. we did not anticipate producing a website redesign. however, abby construction’s cranky web developer that didn’t want to release the project, and unfortunately that forced our hand. we created a custom website on an expedited schedule that we’re pretty proud of regardless of the production time. we also put our hard hats on and hit the construction sites at hazelwild farm, the university of mary washington, and more than a few residential repairs, renovations and restorations in downtown fredericksburg. 

website design

the reduced timeline was a challenge, but we were able to create a custom, one-of-a-kind website on the fly that fit abby construction’s existing visual identity and provided an intuitive, easy-to-navigate layout. 

content creation

we braved the dirt and mud and got our hands (and camera) dirty…but it was worth it. many of the home and business owners were happy to let us document the progress of their construction projects, which led to some great results.

social media

we were fortunate enough to generate leads on three different platforms, including a new residential renovation citing our website redesign as the reason for their inquiry the very day that the project was launched.

social media

we started on every single platform from scratch with a brand new following. construction doesn’t always produce the most vibrant, eye-catching content. we found that well-explained, detail-oriented work was rewarded with much better engagement.

search engine optimization

not all keywords are created equally. we focused on abby construction’s bread and butter; foundation repair. an aggressive search engine optimization campaign produced solid results and landed abby construction on the first page of results for a number of foundation-related queries.

graphic design

we can design everything from banners to business cards, helping maintain consistency and cohesion in both digital and print.

brands are like houses; they aren't built overnight.

website design

we worked hard on a project that distinguished between abby consruction’s various construction-related services while still allowing visitors an overview of everything they offer. specific construction projects are highlighted with pop-up image galleries and brief descriptions detailing the work at hand. 

content creation

abby construction seems to have their hands in projects all over downtown fredericksburg, spotsylvania and stafford. from commercial renovations to historic restorations and residential repairs, we showed off what they can do on a wide variety of projects at all scales. 


we had the chance to capture a very unique foundation construction /repair in downtown fredericksburg. it involved raising a home approximately one foot in the air while the older brick foundation was demolished and a newer, modern foundation installed. we set up a time lapse video to capture the progress with the home in the air. 

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the building never stops.



start building a buzz.

it’s not marketing…it’s a movement.

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