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Shooting Leaves One Injured On Thursday Afternoon

The Victim's Condition Is Currently Unknown
Members of the Fredericksburg Police Department work the scene of a shooting on Gates Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

A shooting on Gates Street left at least one injured on Thursday afternoon.

Law enforcement responded to the 400 Block of Gates Street shortly before 5:00 PM on Thursday afternoon for a reported shooting. An unidentified male was found injured and transferred to the hospital for treatment. Police say there is no known threat to the public. Their condition is currently unknown.

No arrests were observed while on scene. The area is currently under investigation by law enforcement and no through-traffic is being permitted in the area of White and Gates Street.

This story is developing and will be updated as details emerge.

📌 Update (7:27 PM): The area of White and Gates Street is now open to traffic.

The Fredericksburg Police Department encourages anyone with information about this afternoon’s incident to contact them at (540) 373-3122 (option 2).

📌 Update (Friday at 11:55 AM): The victim from yesterday’s shooting is currently recovering from surgery, according to an update from the Fredericksburg Police Department.

The suspect, who was unknown to the victim, was described as a black male. The incident is currently under active investigation.

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