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Motorcycle Accident Leaves At Least One Injured In Downtown Fredericksburg

The Driver Of The Motorcycle Sustained Injuries Of Unknown Severity

A vehicle crash on the corner of Prince Edward and Fauquier Streets in downtown Fredericksburg resulted in at least one injury on Thursday afternoon.

At approximately 3:30 PM, a call for a motor vehicle collision involving a motorcycle was received. The caller stated that a motorcycle collided with another vehicle and that the driver of the motorcycle was laying motionless on the ground.

On the scene, the driver of the motorcycle was observed being loaded into an ambulance before being taken away for medical treatment. Their motorcycle was overturned on the sidewalk approximately 75 feet away behind a silver minivan (which was struck but otherwise uninvolved). A red sedan was also observed on the scene with significant front end damage and was not operable. Radio traffic indicated another individual was also transported to the hospital with injuries.

Witnesses on the scene did not see the accident, but heard the collision. Several who live close by also commented that they regularly see traffic speeding on Prince Edward Street, where the limit is 25 miles per hour. That street was not subject to speed limit reductions in 2022.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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