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Micah Ecumenical Ministries Makes Progress With The Hesed House

Seven Residents Have Transitioned To Permanent Housing
Micah Ecumenical Ministries' Hesed House, a temporary housing shelter, on a rainy day in downtown Fredericksburg.

Micah Ecumenical Ministries continues to make progress at the Hesed House six months after opening its doors.

The temporary housing facility located on Augustine Avenue has thirteen occupied rooms, with a fourteenth slated to be finished soon, bringing the site to full capacity. The property’s former owner and manager has moved to new accommodations at Mill Park Terrace, and the Hesed House is now being overseen by Micah’s live-in resident manager.

The temporary housing shelter is also showing results for its residents.

Since September, 20 people have spent time there, with seven transitioning to housing and another 11 remaining on site, all of whom have a housing plan and are waiting on resources or housing to be located.The momentum is something Micah is looking to build on.

The organization has recently received two “innovation” grants from the Virginia Housing Trust Fund, which total $190,000 and $160,000 over the next two years. These funds will help Micah try new things and create best practices as it pertains to contracting with local doctors, nurses and live-in aids to assist those under their care. Another grant from Virginia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services will also help bridge mental health services to those in need.

Micah’s goal is to provide a level of support similar to friends and family, helping those transitioning from living unsheltered to establish a healthy routine in a clean, safe environment.

“You become homeless when you run out of relationships,” says Executive Servant-Leader Meghann Cotter.

Next up for the non-profit; the Jeremiah Community, a 50-unit tiny home community consisting of 27 single units and 23 duplexes (2 units each) on a ten acre site behind the Bragg Hill Family Life Center. That project, a six year vision, is just getting underway. Micah Ecumenical Ministries filed for rezoning at the end of last month.

Learn more about the Jeremiah Community at

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