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Local Teen Puts “Fun” In Fundraising With Puppy Pawties

The Teen Plans On Holding Her 100th Puppy Pawty Over The Summer
Local teen Amanda Plougher holds a Puppy Pawty for children at the Old Dominion Humane Society in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

🐶 What’s a better birthday gift than puppies?

Meet Amanda Plaugher, a three-year volunteer at Old Dominion Humane Society and the mind behind Puppy Pawties, open play sessions and celebrations with some of the shelter’s newest and cutest additions. The 15 year old came up with the idea to help raise additional funds for the organization. Amanda has done just that and more; Puppy Pawties are booked out for the next several weeks and the teenager is planning on holding her 100th party sometime over the summer. She’s also helped more than 25 puppies find new homes in the process.

Amanda is in charge of everything from promotion and pre-booking preparations, including selecting the most appropriate puppies for each party. She’s on hand during the events to make sure the animals are well-behaved and cared for, and is also responsible for collecting payments and ensuring guests are satisfied with their experience.

The popularity of Puppy Pawties is picking up, with some birthday boys and girls booking a second celebration the following year. Despite the tail wagging success, Amanda predicts she’ll stay focused on her friends with fur well into the future.

“I haven’t narrowed down what I want to do, but it’ll definitely have something to do with helping animals.”

Puppy Parties are available in two packages and allow for up to 40 guests. Party goers are permitted to decorate and bring or order in outside food, as desired. Parties start at $250.00 and can be booked year-round at

Amanda is currently raising money for a “Pups Play Yard,” a new project at ODHS that will improve the shelter’s outdoor gravel yard. It includes sanitizing the exterior paneling, power washing and disinfecting the gravel and installing a carport for shade. Her budget for the project is just over $2,000. Learn more and contribute at

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