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Local Business Helps High School’s Giving Tree Continue To Grow

It's The Second Year Of Support With More Than $35K In Donations

James Monroe High School’s Giving Tree is growing thanks to continued support from Fredericksburg’s Anderson Oil Company.

This week Fredericksburg City Public Schools cut the ribbon on its new Mobile Giving Tree project, an on-the-go source of clothing and hygiene products for local students in need. The Mobile Giving Tree Project joins the school’s original Giving Tree as well as its Tough City Suds program, a free laundry facility that opens on nights and weekends for students and their families.

The trio of initiatives were founded by James Monroe High School athletic trainer and physical education teacher Tammy Clark, who first started the original Giving Tree in 2019 after a student asked for a shirt because they had no clothes other than what they were wearing. Clark began storing clothing in her office until parents and teachers stepped up and provided the small building at the rear of the school. Her aim was to reduce truancy and improve the confidence amongst some of the school’s most vulnerable students.

And that’s when Anderson Oil Company stepped in.

In early 2022, the company’s CFO (and JMHS alum) Trina Bellamy nominated the school to be the recipient of the annual golf tournament, recognizing the amount of impact their support would have in the community. Anderson Oil Company President Mark Anderson agreed, and the company provided a $15k donation for the school’s Tough City Suds program, providing the machines and required plumbing for their installation.

The business would double down on their generosity in 2023 when Anderson Oil Company again selected James Monroe High School for a $20k donation, a contribution that would provide the Mobile Giving Tree with a truck, wrap and shelving.

For Bellamy, the pride in the black and orange doesn’t fade in the wash.

“To be able to give back and help children along the way is a great feeling. I bleed black and orange so I will always be (a part of) Jayem.”

Keep an eye out for the Mobile Giving Tree around town; the project should have wheels on the ground by the end of March.

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