Law Enforcement United FXBG Prepares For A Road To Hope

The Trek Takes Riders 250 Miles Over Three Days

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Members of Law Enforcement United Team Fredericksburg are gearing up for this month’s Road to Hope, a three day bike ride from Chesapeake, Virginia to Washington DC. The 250+ mile journey is made to honor the lives lost in law enforcement and to help support the survivors they left behind.

LEU Team Fredericksburg efforts consist of 23 riders and around 100 additional support members. It includes officers from the Fredericksburg Police Department and Sheriff’s Office in addition to the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office, State Police and the UMW Department of Police. The first day’s ride takes riders 110 miles from their starting point in Chesapeake to Richmond before the group departs for Stafford County the next day and then to Washington, DC on the third.

All riders and support staff are participating on their own time at their own expense. The group is looking for donations in the form of sports and energy drinks, bottled water, breakfast and energy bars, fruit snacks, and other healthy and hearty options for those making the trek. The support so far has been encouraging.

It is great having the community and local organizations supporting us. We have been a fixture at the Fredericksburg (Agricultural) Fair with our donation booth, “Tape a Dollar To the Cruiser.” says LEU Virginia President and Fredericksburg Sheriff’s deputy Sheila Jones.

“We appreciate the way the community support has continued to grow over the 14 years we have participated in this organization.”

Donations can be made at either the Fredericksburg’s Sheriff’s Office or the Fredericksburg Police Department before next Monday, May 8th. Learn more and support their efforts at bit.ly/44aziKx.

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