Governor Youngkin Campaigns for Yesli Vega in Spotsylvania

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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin joined 7th Congressional Republican nominee Yesli Vega at a political rally in front of a packed crowd at Gourmeltz in Spotsylvania County Monday evening.

Vega addressed the veterans in the crowd before speaking about bringing “checks and balances” to Washington, as well as bias in the media, backing parents’ rights and a “return a government that represents the wishes and interest of the people.”

The Republican nominee was joined on stage by Governor Youngkin, who endorsed her candidacy while talking about values and the spirit of Virginia, Congresswoman Spanberger’s voting record, inflation, the movement to defund police and parents’ rights before presenting Vega with a matching red vest he’s become known for.

Other speakers included former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, American Veterans Vote CEO Bob Wood and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Rich Anderson.

The event was sponsored by American Veterans Vote, Inc. The election is Tuesday, November 8th.

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