City Schools To Talk Community Partnerships At Upcoming Roundtable

Registration Is Free And Open To The Public

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Fredericksburg City Public Schools will focus on community partnerships and how they can positively impact student performance at the next Superintendent Roundtable.

After reviewing the work from the first three Superintendent Roundtables, attendees will take part in a Community Partner Panel Showcase with Deputy Superintendent Dr. Matt Eberhardt, proceeded by group discussions and a gallery walk.

The Roundtable events are an opportunity for the community to meet with division team members, learn about the challenges they face, provide feedback and explore potential solutions.

October’s Superintendent Roundtable included a panel of educators who provided feedback from their experiences as teachers in the city school system. It also included discussions on the current challenges they face in addition to ways to improve teacher retention. Some of the ideas discussed included educator-specific tax incentives and cost of living support for teachers in the form of rental vouchers.

Last year, the city retained 90% of its teachers.

Currently, the base salary for a new teacher in Fredericksburg is $47,231. According to rent.com, the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1,590.

The Superintendent Roundtable is Wednesday, January 25th at the Fredericksburg City Public Schools Central Office at 210 Ferdinand Street. Those interested in attending can register at bit.ly/3Zpp8Dt.

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