October 18, 2022

Fredericksburg’s Otter-ly Amazing Statue Goes Missing

One of the new Otter-ly Amazing statues in downtown Fredericksburg was stolen over the weekend.

The mother otter statue was discovered missing from its Hurkamp Park location sometime Saturday night, according to social media posts from Steven Wenger of Wenger Metal Arts, one of the local artists that designed and built them. The statues were fastened with hardware to large rocks and were thought to be secure from theft. The accompanying child otter statue remains and appears to be undamaged.

The piece was one of seven statues located around the historic downtown district, the presence of which was intended to symbolize “a sign of good water quality” and the health and vitality of the city. A police report has also been filed.

Those with information regarding the missing statues are encouraged to contact the Fredericksburg Police Department at (540 372-3122.

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