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Local Journalism Since 2020

Since the summer of 2020, hyperbole has covered news and events in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It began as a call of bullshit on a profession that’s become boring, bland and biased when it should be anything but. It frequently toes the taboo, tackling the topics and telling the stories others were too timid, too busy or all too happy to see go unnoticed. In the process, it has withstood social media censorship and political pressure, using its platform to challenge power rather than cheer it on.

hyperbole began in 2017 as a branding and marketing boutique, helping local small businesses with their logos, brochures and business cards. Over the next several years, it would develop the in-house capabilities for website design and development, original content creation and social media marketing, expanding upon its portfolio of projects to include work with political campaigns, professional athletes, non-profit organizations and economic development and tourism initiatives.

The rise of American activism during the summer of 2020 presented a pivotal turning point for the company. hyperbole embedded with Black Lives Matter protestors in downtown Fredericksburg to livestream demonstrations, unedited and unfiltered, as they occurred. The raw, over-the-shoulder point of view coupled with its unbiased and unflinching perspective established a following among those looking for a reliable and accurate account of events.

hyperbole has since continued to evolve in both style and scope, developing a distinct brand of original content that merges the polish and professionalism of traditional journalism with the authenticity and disruption of creator culture. Today the company continues to set the tone, tempo and trends for local media while representing and reflecting the full fabric of Fredericksburg.

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